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“Green tea factory” by Jeffrey Groeneweg
Permalink This is the painting with the paint swatches and the pillow (the color of The Big Comfy Chair of Doom), all before the paint sample went on the wall. This picture was taken in actual daylight instead of simulated daylight. You can see how the yellow tones down quite a bit.
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My friend Dana made me this mug many years ago. I realize I shouldn’t be attached to things, but I’m still sad about this old friend who kept me company through so much.
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“( Michael Tercha, Chicago Tribune / March 25, 2012 )
Rev. Michael Pfleger wears a hoodie in tribute to Trayvon Martin during a mass at St. Sabina Church in Chicago Sunday. Martin, an African-American teenager fatally shot in Florida by a man on neighborhood watch, was wearing a hooded sweatshirt when he was killed.”
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A Troll Primer on Birth Control


(Clarification: “troll” is not an insulting term for a conservative. A troll is a stranger who posts an insulting or deliberately aggressive comment on your blog or Internets in an attempt to anger, embarrass or put you in your place.)

I’ve been pretty outspoken on Twitter lately about the birth control debate (Really? This is a thing? In 2012?) and Rush Limbaugh. Of course, this sort of talk attracts trolls and I have yet to have one who seems to know anything about anything. I’m getting tired of repeating the same facts over and over, so I decided to write up a little primer, so I could simply point them toward it, pat them on the head, and tell them to educate themselves so they don’t have to weather the shitstorm I’m going to rain down on them.

I’m a layperson, in the sense that any woman can be a layperson about birth control, and I’m also pissed, so please excuse any messiness or disorganization or vulgarity in the delivery. And warning: there be snark in them thar hills. Snark. And maybe bitchiness.

1) Why do you think you deserve free birth control?

I don’t think that word means what you think it means. This debate is about insurance coverage of birth control. Is your insurance free? Mine isn’t. Mine costs a buttload of money every month. When you go to your doctor for a check-up that would cost, say, $300 out of pocket and you pay nothing, do you consider that free? Do you pat yourself on the back for pulling one over on the man? Do you dance your way to the parking lot, shouting, “I’m the most wily welfare queen in a world of welfare queens!!!!”? Somehow I suspect you don’t. It’s not free, it’s a service provided by a policy I pay premiums for.

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Marine Brandon Morgan gets a homecoming kiss from his partner, Dalan.  The picture has more than 14,000 likes on Facebook on the “Gay Marines” page.
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Welcome home, Marine. Thank you for your service.